The highly effective and beneficial Jain Reflexology evolved by us after extensive research and development and is the advanced version of Reflexology Acupressure therapy.

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5th National Conference

Global Awareness begins at the local level. Together we can promote greater public awareness of reflexology around the globe.

We teach the world’s highly effective and beneficial Jain Reflexology Acupressure (using with micro magnet) Therapy with the audio visual presentation.

JR Anil Jain – Inventor of Jain Reflexology.

Director of the Acupressure Training and Research Centre, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India, he has been working in the field of Reflexology Acupressure with brilliant success for the past 22 years. The highly effective and beneficial Jain Reflexology evolved by us after extensive research and development and which is the advanced version of Reflexology Acupressure therapy is now being used with encouraging results by a very large number of people across the globe. It is worth mentioning that through immensely beneficial Jain Reflexology we have brought relief to numerous patients without any medication or surgery


Publishing Jain Reflexology & Magnet Therapy Books, Hand / Foot Jain Reflexology Chart, Diagnosis Paper etc.

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Provided Free treatment daily  two hours for everybody since last 25 year at Aurangabad and Jodhpur centers.


Making world class Magnet & Acupressure Therapy equipment.

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Congratulations to Dr. Anil Jain from the care of my heart; one can learn acupressure therapy (Jain Reflexology) with this beautiful, colorful book and try to unable diseases and pain. Best wishes to Dr. Anil Jain for his prosperous future and popularity of this book.

- Dr. Ravikant Rakawat, Director, Arogya Mandir.

Bhaartiya Jiwan Paddhati (Indian Life Style) Acupressure (Foot & Hand Jain Reflexology) (Using with Micro Magnet)’ book is one of the best foot and hand reflexology books in the market. It combines Acupressure and Magnet Therapy. It also covers near about 75 diseases and all the body organs’ reflex points separately which make it extremely useful.

- Dr. Khushi B. Varma, Ahmedabad

“Indian life style-Acupressure (Jain Reflexology)” is an important colourful book of acupressure Jain Reflexology. Various reflex points of many diseases have been indicated systematically so that it will become easy for trainees as well as for anyone to take or give the treatment.I hope this book will play an important role in this field.

- Dr. B.R. Choudhary, Managing Director, Acupressure Health Care System, Jodhpur