I am extremely delighted to note that Jain Chumbak is going to bring out a book on “Indian Life Style – Acupressure (Jain Reflexology)” in English.I appreciate the fact that the Hindi version of this book brought out by you earlier has been immensely successful and I am glad to note that a large number of people across India are now adopting acupressure as an infallible means of therapy and are benefiting tremendously from it.Your endeavor to raise awareness in the society about ancient ways of treatment of various ailments is indeed highly commendable. I am sure that the English version of your book would help in spreading the knowledge of acupressure in simple language. I hope that you would continue to carry forward your work and many more people across the globe would benefit from it.

Mr. Rajendra Ji Darda

Education Minster, Government of Maharashtra, India

This (Jain Reflexology) book of Dr. Anil Jain will be helpful for not only the experts of this health; but also to common readers to acquire knowledge. This book is special as the language is simple, easy to understand and it has colorful picture. This book will certainly help to promote acupressure therapy.

Prof. Dr. Mangla Borkar

H.O.D. Medicine department, 
Govt. Medical College & Hospital.

I had a sever pain in right side of my stomach. When diagnosis was done it was revealed that the pain was due to appendicitis. They advised me to undergo surgery immediately. At that time I met acupressure specialist Dr. Anil Jain and he suggested that I should undergo acupressure therapy. I had already heard about acupressure. After taking his advice, I took the treatment every day (once) regularly for two months. The need for operation did not arise during this period. Now I do not have any pain in the stomach. Acupressure also increased my efficiency. I am indeed very thankful to Dr. Anil Jain for recommending this wonderful way of treatment, which is effective and safe as well.

Dr. Subhash Patodi

Aurangabad Therapist,
Jain Reflexology Acupressure 
– Dr. Anil kumar Jain.

Jain Reflexology Acupressure (Foot & Hand Jain Reflexology) (Using with Micro Magnet)’ book is one of the best foot and hand reflexology books in the market. It combines Acupressure and Magnet Therapy. It also covers near about 75 diseases and all the body organs’ reflex points separately which make it extremely useful.

Dr. Khushbu B. Varma


I have searched reflexology books for years and have purchased many. This is the best book on hand and foot reflexology in the market! It includes magnet use with colour photos which make it easy to locate reflex points in hands and feet.

Dr. Wadekar


I am not a science student, I now know about my body. I can perfectly explain the diseases to anyone. Moreover, I am able to excel in a business. My business is to supply supplements. This therapy is now helping me a lot in diagnosing diseases of patients. Now I don’t need to depend on doctor for this.

Mrs. Seema Surana

Jain Reflexologist, Aurangabad

This therapy does not use medicines or needle (infection) but heals patients by just applying pressure on reflected Point.

Miss. Monal Surana

Jain Reflexologist, Aurangabad

I had high fever 15 years ago. I was admitted to a hospital for 28 days. The doctor gave me glucose sometimes in the arm other times in the leg. This led my one arm and leg become weak. Both the limbs were useless. During this period of 15 years many reputed medical practitioners in Nagpur examined me. But there was no improvement in my condition. Then I started taking acupressure treatment three months back. Now I have recovered 75% in such a short period of time. Today I wash clothes, ride a bicycle and do all the homework.

Miss. Bharati Motwani


I had rheumatism for 10 years, every bone in the body was aching and I was feeling very dull. I took many medicines. But I used to get relief temporally only. After that the pain became acute again. Then I decided to stop taking medicines. Now I am taking acupressure treatment for two months. Because of it I found relief from rheumatism, acidity, blood pressure, etc. ailments. I feel very different.

Mrs. Anita Chauhan

Corporator, Kannad.

When I was examining the patients and told them correctly which ailments they were suffering from, they were surprised and asked me how I could diagnose their disease by just examining our feet. Then I felt good and thought that I was doing something correctly.

Mrs. Megha Surana

Jain Reflexologist, Aurangabad

Congratulation to JR Anil Jain from the care of my heart; one can learn acupressure therapy (Jain Reflexology) with this beautiful, colorful book and try to unable diseases and pain. Best wishes to JR Anil Jain for his prosperous future and popularity of this book.

Dr. Ravikant Rakawat

Director, Arogya Mandir, Jodhpur.

The best thing is that we can serve suffering mankind with our knowledge and hands. Application of Acupressure therapy brings energy to the entire body. It is like by treating others with using this therapy we feel energetic and inspired.

Mrs. Arati Bohara

Jain Reflexologist, Aurangabad

I was suffering from slip disc. When I went to a doctor he prescribed me some pills. After taking them I felt some temporary relief. However, the pain returned after a few days. And because of taking pills frequently their effect is reduced and their bad effects surface. If you approach a reputed physician then they ask you to undergo different tests like X-ray, Sonography, blood tests and submit the reports. Then he starts the treatment. It is very time-consuming and frustrating, One day I came to know that through Jain Reflexology Acupressure every disease is cured. I also did the reflection points for spinal cord. Really, the work that the pills failed to do was done wonderfully well by Jain Reflexology Acupressure therapy. I got relief within four days. I was very pleased that the ever present ailment was cured within no time.

Mrs. Jyoti Kumawat